About the Artist

Rebecca Nelson lives in a beautiful rural area of North Norfolk, UK. She has a studio in her garden where she does most of her painting. She has a daughter, Hannah, to whom this book is dedicated.



Rebecca is from California, USA, and moved to England to live and work in 1974. She retains full American Citizenship and full British Citizenship.


Professional Background

 Upon her arrival in England, Rebecca made North Norfolk her home. Holkham Pottery is nearby and she worked there for a few years honing her skills as a potter. When she left Holkham, she set up as a potter in her own right and continued to work with a great deal of success in this medium until the birth of her daughter in 1988. It was a few years later that Rebecca began working as an iconographer. It is using this style of artistry that the paintings in this book have been produced, hence the richness of texture and colour



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