Finding Freedom Course Feedback

Some of it is quoted verbatim, some is summarised by me but approved for inclusion here (some are quoted from the feedback forms I asked everyone to fill in, so I include the question or relevant heading with the quote to avoid confusion):

Q. As this is a trial course, I will appreciate feedback on my teaching style.

A. As a teacher, Cath has a wealth of knowledge to impart and does this with great enthusiasm, so a lot of extra information or reading or appropriate internet links to check out extra bits and pieces. So much to immerse into. Also very considerate of all group members and wanting input and responses from all if any [have] questions or relevant things to share. It’s been wonderful to see how as a group we have all become close and shared many powerful moments. Also, Cath taking into account what the group may need in future sessions.

A. Your style is great. Sometimes made me laugh!

Q. What would you say about the course (as if to a friend, or an unknown enquirer)?

A. “A gentle course, a couple of hours a week, to explore one’s self on a level rarely given the opportunity, including relaxation and meditation. Very indulgent and lovely and [the course] changes thoughts and challenges perceptions.”

A. “Interesting, but you would have to experience it for yourself.”

A. “Great to go on [the course] but you must follow all the instructions and fill in a journal.”

A. “Definitely worth committing to. Worthwhile, enlightening and affirming. Thank you (a heart symbol drawn in here!).”

Q: If you were to recommend it, state why (or indeed not!).

A. “I’d recommend it as you always leave with positive thoughts and energy that come with thoughts and awareness [and] with journal during the week.”

A. “Because I was very skeptical at first… I feel that I have grown from it.”

A. “I would recommend the course but you must really want to give something up (nb: ref the freedom from addiction aspect of this course) and want to change yourself.”

A. “Give[s] you a whole, holistic approach + tools necessary to help you ~ a LIFE COACHING course.

Q. Any additional comments would be very welcome.

A. “Thanks for all your time, energy and input. Oh, and enthusiasm… a true Star X”

A. “This has been a wonderful course, bringing lots of thoughts and feelings and awareness togehter. I never expected for such a big shift in my state of mind. I feel quite empowered and positive at the changes, though some quite subtle, and are part of a sturdy base ready for change + I can implement them into daily life without a struggle. All seems to resonate from within and I find it quite exciting as it seems to work in conjunction on so many levels.”

And finally for now, a Christmas card with the following lovely message included… “To Catherine Thank you so much for a great course, it has been very productive in ways that were a surprise. Thank you for being so giving and sharing so many gems with us…”