Finding Freedom Course

To be free from the ties that bind, to know you can cope… and how to start really appreciating life and actually living it.

This course is an 8 week program designed to help you really get in touch with your inner self, your centre, your authentic self, to enable you to find your own ‘personal’ freedom within. It deals holistically with your health of mind, body and spirit. It will bring you to an awareness of your energy and how you use it, and what can affect it. If you have never experienced the ‘energy that everyone seems to talk about’, this is a wonderful introduction to it and of course much more besides. ‘Finding Freedom’ is mainly for people who want to take a first step into a life free from troubles though perhaps may still be having trouble coping with their day to day living. It is a form of self-development and therapy, and being within a small group (never more than 12 attendees) you have the opportunity to talk to others about your experience and know that you are in a supportive environment.

Mindfulness and Meditation are regular features within the course, and this is a perfect place to start your experience with both if you have not done so previously. Having said all of that, I have had course attendees at various different stages of personal development – from no experience to much – who have all gained a great deal from the course.

One of the things your progress and improvement requires is that you commit to attending each week and ‘doing the work’ between the weekly meetings. You are able to gain much much more from the course in this way.

I have placed the various feedbacks for this course on the next page so you can read about others’ experiences during the 8 weeks.

I am running the Finding Freedom Course on various different dates throughout the year and if you would like to add your name to the waiting list for the next course, please email me in the first instance. Thank you.

I hope you join us for this fun, surprising (in many ways), informative, and experiential way of FINDING FREEDOM :)