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About Patterns of Light Tarot

In all my readings, I combine my intuitive skills, sometimes channelling and of course, where possible, discussion with you always helps to bring a greater depth to the reading to enable you to gain what you need from it.

I believe your future is created by you in the present. For this reason, I don’t ‘do’ predictive readings as such. You may believe your past is running the show, but it is not. Your beliefs and internalised programming are. You may catch a glimpse of what is going to happen but then you are still leaving your own future open to the whatever way the winds blow. I would rather help you empower yourself to create a future you choose to have.

It is my life as a fully trained and qualified Clinical and Transpersonal Hypnotherapist and Psychological Coach, NLP practitioner and Eclectic Life Coach that has shown me how valuable this advice is.

It is possible to move forward, even when you may have reached a point where you cannot see for yourself how to move forward and I can facilitate that for you.

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30 Mins Reading ~ £35.00

1 Hour Reading ~ £60.00

Skype readings, email readings and Face to Face readings are all available with recordings where applicable.