The Music

The Music for Patterns of Light

Here is an extract from the music: (temporarily unavailable, sorry)

The music for Patterns of Light is composed with children’s voices in mind. I have set it for a 3-part children’s choir with piano and a flute (or other appropriate instrument) descant part.

I would like to thank Simon Harvey for his proof-reading of the music for me. What a star he is.

Currently, there are two schools rehearsing it and another school invited me to run a morning workshop with their school choir to learn and perform the work at the end of the morning. This formed part of their ‘Arts Week’. It was a great success and I am hoping the recording of this performance will be put up here. So, a big thank you to Chrishall Primary School for this opportunity and to all the key stage 2 children who took part. They worked so hard and did so very well, singing their hearts out. It was lovely to hear it all ‘come to life’ as it were.

I would like to thank very much my colleague Catherine Begley for her wonderful skills in running the workshop. I could not have managed without her. Also, thanks to Sue Whykes for coming in at very last minute notice to assist – my insurance as a just in case, but she was much more than just an assistant!

As always, one thing leads to another and when running this workshop, I was asked by two other colleagues in the teaching profession, involved in this and other schools, if I would like to have a massed-choir performance of this work. Of course, I said yes, it would be fantastic. So, we are looking at inviting the choirs from several local schools to join in and learn and perform this music later in the year. Upon hearing this suggestion, another teacher friend offered her (adult) orchestra to accompany this massed choir performance. Wow… yes please. So, this is now all about to happen. I will keep you posted on the progress and details of performance.

Thank you for your interest. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed writing it and being involved in such a lovely project.

Cath Chandler